Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Our Court Jesters

Colorful, good natured little goats about 22" at their wither.  They love to play.  Even our older does are up for a game of king of the hill.  They share pastures peacefully with other livestock.  They can improve your pasture eating weeds the other livestock don't. 
They are a hearty healthy breed.  Good mothers that have few kidding problems.  Their kids are about 2# at birth and will melt your heart.  

These darling miniature dairy goats cycle year round.  Making it easy to freshen up for milking.  They produce a surprising quantity.  Up to 2 quarts of especially creamy rich high butter fat milk a day.
Nigerian Dwarf Goats originated in West Central Africa.  Originally imported to American Zoo's.  They don't required a lot of space.  They need shelter, good feed 12%-18% protein.  Fresh water and mineralized salt.  Their hooves need trimming about every 8 weeks.  They will also need a annual vaccination for tetanus & types C& D perfringes and worming.
We have built our flock from registered stock.  Since our interest
 is in having them for pets and not showing we have not purchased
their papers.  The kids we offer each spring have been bred to
be cute, lovable, friendly pets.  

Kidding starts around here in April.  Check back and see our darling four legged kids. 

They are ready to go to their new home at 8 weeks old.