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Our 2014 Goat kids for sale
Angora Goats for sale are now on their own page
Goat Kids for Sale
Sable's Triplets Ready to go to their new homes!
Sable's Buckling/wether (Male)$125.00
Sable's buckling/wether (male)
Babel's Nigerian Dwarf doeling
born 4/12/14  $150.00
Suiki's Silky fainter kids born 4-6-14
B​lack and white spotted buckling $175.00 wethered $150.00

Harriett's Twins born April 18th
Ready for homes June 13. 2014.
Doeling and Buckling/wether​​
Doeling $140.00
Wether $125.00​​
Muchi's Nigerian Dwarf twins
Born April 19th​
​Ready for new homes June 14
Doeling $150.00 Blue eyed
Wether $125.00​​
Sassy's twins born on Easter April 20,2014
Ready for homes June 16th
Buckling Brown and White $150.00 wethered
Doeling solid Black!  $200.00​​
Mouse's triplets born March 9th    Ready to go home with you June 4th
Doeling $140.00
Doeling $140.00
Buckling/wether $125.00.
Bucklings/wethered $125.00
Bucklings wethered $125.00