Our HOLY GRAIL FARM is located in West Mountain UTAH.  Just a couple of miles off the Payson  exit.  We have raised many different breeds of sheep.  None have stolen our hearts like these "BabyDolls".  Not only are they irresistibly adorable with their endearing smiley fuzzy faces & chunky teddy bear like bodies.  This breed has a friendly nature that will charm most anyone.  They are compact in size 18" to 24" at their shoulder.  They are not wanders and don't test fences.  Making them ideal for small areas.  They have been used with great success in orchards, berry farms and vineyards.  They are grass grazers and are not known for girdling trees or scrubs.  Their fleece is 19 to 20 microns.  The same class as cashmere.  It also has more barbs per inch than any other wool types.  Ideal for blending with other fibers.

Our Quest to raise friendly Baby Dolls to the breed standard
Olde English "BabyDoll" Miniature Southdown Sheep

Easy Keepers That are disease resistant.  When "BabyDolls" were replaced in the food chain by much larger sheep.  They neared extinction.  Robert Mock sought out the remaining few small flocks.  He established the Robert Mock Registry that our flock is registered with.  Being part of their preservation makes it even more satisfying to own this breed.

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